The indoor and outdoor swimming pools at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay get a lot of use by guests throughout the year.  The outdoor pool is especially attractive during the summer months as a place for guests to cool off, relax and lounge along the deck.  Our indoor, heated swimming pool is a favorite spot for recreation, regardless of the season.  Even on the coldest, snowiest days in winter, the indoor pool provides a welcome respite from the winter chill.  Aside from swimming and water exercise, guests often ask us if we can provide toys and games for use in the pool.  We now have water a volleyball game and a water polo set that guests may borrow.  Of course, as is the case with most common recreation areas, these games are to be used with the understanding that they are not to interfere with the pool activities of other guests.  We have also added some items for purchase that guests may use in our pools including,  beach balls, spaghetti floats, inner tubes, goggles, earplugs, diving sticks and inflatable safety arm bands. to our list