Going Green

We help you conserve natural resources wne you may not even know it

Birchwood Lodge is Turning Green – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Door County peninsula is a place of natural beauty and the Birchwood Lodge is dedicated to preserving this environmental gem for our families, visitors and residents alike. Beginning in 2008, we have begun to incorporate a series of “Green Goals”.

Birchwood Lodge is proud to be recognized as a green lodging facility by Travel Green Wisconsin. Our strategy is not only to practice the principals of environmental consciousness to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, whenever possible, but to go beyond doors of our facility to preserve and protect the precious resources available here in Door County and on this planet. We have been adopting a variety of changes which we have outlined below. We ask you to support us in these efforts by choosing the Birchwood Lodge as your Door County home away from your home.

And please, if you have suggestions that will further our Green Goals let us know!.

Green Goals we have already incorporated at the Birchwood Lodge:

  • All the chemicals used in our facility are graded as environmentally friendly
  • All replacement carpeting is produced from recycled materials
  • All light-bulbs throughout the lodge corridors are environmentally friendly LED bulbs
  • We use both sides of the 8.5″ x 11″ copy paper for internal office use
  • We recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans
  • We use environmentally friendly ice melting material outdoors
  • We encourage our guests to hang their towels to dry for reuse in their bathrooms
  • We use cold cycle with Ozone wash in our laundry facility
  • Byproduct heat from our indoor pool DCA unit is utilized for preheating the water for our outdoor pool 
  • We maintain our Travel Green certification,support Clean Wisconsin initiative and contribute to the Door County Green Fund




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