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Need Some Time To Reconnect With That Special Someone?…Birchwood Lodge Is The Place Fro You!

When was the last time that you and your significant other took the time for the two of you to simply reconnect?  These are busy times for everyone. Psychologists and marriage counselors say that it is important to keep the spark in relationships with a little "time...

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Enjoy Summer Festivals And Events In Sister Bay…Then Return To Birchwood Lodge For More Fun And Relaxation.

Summer is fast approaching and Sister Bay in Door County will be a prime destination for people from all over the country this year. Besides the natural beauty of the area, the fantastic restaurants and waterfront activities, there is a line-up of festivals and events...

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Take A “Culinary Bucket List” Trip In Sister Bay, Then Relax At Birchwood Lodge

Most people have heard the term "Bucket List", which is a compilation of sometimes unuasual experiences that people want to have, or, places that they want to see before they die. Have you ever heard of a "Culinary Bucket List"?  That is the list of special food...

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Relax Your Way In Sister Bay At Birchwood Lodge

When you go on a vacation, no matter how long you're away from home, can you actually relax and disconnect. Maybe you've complained to your family, friends, coworkers and anyone who will listen that, “ I need a vacation”. When you’ve finally given in and put in a...

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Stay At Birchwood Lodge And Hunt For The Hidden Treasures In Sister Bay

Some people like to discover secret or hidden places and sights in the towns they visit on vacation. Sister Bay has some unique "secret spots" whose locations are not even familiar to some of the locals. When our staff members were asked to share ideas about some of...

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Spectacular Sunsets Await When You Stay At Birchwood Lodge In Sister Bay

If you have never witnessed the captivating drama of a sunset on the shore of Sister Bay, then next time you're here at Birchwood Lodge, you must take the time during your evening activities to witness one of the beautiful sunsets anywhere along the bay shore. You'll...

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