Those of us who man the front desk at Birchwood Lodge often hear guests mention their favorite things about Door County. Typically, they mention favorite hiking/biking//scenic spots, shows at Peninsula Players and Northern Sky Theater, favorite restaurants, the gorgeous flowers everywhere, the cooler climate in summer, etc. I thought I’d get some of our staff members to share their “favorites” about Door County to pass on on to our readers, in the hopes that visitors will be more attuned to some of the things we enjoy here that inspire us throughout the year.  I was not surprised by their responses. Our General Manager, Roman, likes everything to do with nature, but he said, “I like making the first, fresh tracks in the snow, either on foot or by car.” Matt, one of maintenance guys likes the peace and quiet. “There’s a different vibe here”, he said. Head Housekeeper, Mae said, “It’s not like a big city. For, me, it’s peaceful and quiet.” Sandra and Frances on the housekeeping staff both said they love “to just look at the water all around us.” Raymart on the housekeeping crew and front desk  said, “I like the view of the Sister Bay Marina, with the boats and the beach.” One of our off season housekeepers, Kat, stated emphatically,”The best thing about Door County is the people here.” Susan, our summer and fall seasons front desk clerk said that “it’s very special here. There is such diversity of nature here.There are breathtaking aspects of the natural beauty here throughout the year.  Adrienne, another of our off season front desk clerks, comes up to Door County in summer to escape the heat in Dallas, Texas, said, “I love the cooler temperature up here in summer and, of course the natural beauty.” Our Head Maintenance man, Clark said, “This is a place where, if you want peace and quiet, you can find it and if you want to be in active in a crowd, you can find that, too.”  When I man the front desk on mid-week days, I love to tell guests about the woods, the water, the farms and fields and the big sky. The sky is ever changing and it’s a wonder to behold every day, and the night sky is especially beautiful. So, there you have it, our rundown of staff favorites, which can easily become some of your favorites, too, when you come to Birchwood Lodge for a stay in any season. Make a reservation with us on-line at, or, call us toll-free at 866-854-7195. We’ll get you set-up in the room of your choice and tell you more about the fantastic sights and hidden gems of Door County.