We decided to give you a little snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes to get ready for guests each day. Guests expect everything to be smoothly and efficiently running at our hotel lodge from the moment they walk in for their stay. We’re considered a large hotel by Door County standards, with 53 total units for rent. Summer and fall are the busiest seasons for us, when we are almost full to capacity throughout the week and weekends. Regardless of the size of our daily guest roster, we pretty much go through the same procedures/activities /routines to get everything up and running smoothly for our guests. Around 7:30 am, a front desk clerk arrives and gets the coffee and breakfast refreshments ready for guests, before answering phones or making reservations from on-line requests The housekeeping staff streams in next and they review the cleaning schedule for the day, beginning with clean-up of the public areas, lobby, restrooms and locker-rooms, while other. housekeepers take care of morning laundry before starting on room make-ups and changeovers. The first thing the maintenance man does is to check on the swimming pool chemicals to make sure everything is in balance, then he attends to a list of requests for things that need repair/replacement. He also does light painting, maintains the HVAC system, and schedules major system reviews and building projects in coordination with the General Manager. Depending on the season, he also mows the lawn, does the pick-up of fall leaves, does the snow removal in the parking lots and walkways. Our part-time bookkeeper manages all the accounting tasks for the hotel, in addition to handling front desk requests.The General Manager sets the tone for the hotel staff with his warm and caring personality and work style. He can do anything and does it all with a sense of calm and efficiency. His major tasks include includes ordering merchandise and supplies, meeting with vendors and/or utility crews, attending to guest requests and special concerns, assisting with maintenance requests, supervising staff, answering phones, taking reservations and other numerous demands for his time. He is even called upon after hours to take care of small hotel emergencies that guests request. We have a very cohesive staff; we work together in a friendly atmosphere so that we can provide the very best service and support for our guests. Come stay with us some time soon For reservations call us  at 1-866-854-7195 or  go on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com. Introduce yourself to various staff members you see around the building. Be sure to let us know if there is ever anything any of us can do for you. We enjoy seeing our guests return year after year. that is evidence that they like it here and think we’re doing a good job. Thanks!