Last week was “National Tourism Week” and I should have encouraged you to make plans for a trip to Door County. My bad. But as I think more about it, every week is a tourism week, because Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay is a welcome place for you to visit Door County in every season. We’re trying to dispel the notion that the best times to visit Door County are in spring and summer. While those seasons are loaded with activities, fall, and now winter, too, are becoming more popular as well for getaways. Birchwood Lodge is open EVERY day of the year, all holidays included. We extend warm welcomes, literally, when the temperatures get colder. The scenic beauty and calendar of events from October through April, are well worth a trip here. More and more businesses in Sister Bay are staying open and you’ll have lots of choices from a growing list of things to do. Give us a call at 866-854-7195 for your reservations, or book your suite online at Happy National Tourism Week, a bit belated, and we’ll see you soon!