If you’re like most people who visit Door County in winter, you may be seeking the picturesque beauty of a snowy landscape in Peninsula State Park with a snowshoe hike on a scenic trail, or some other outdoor adventure.   Maybe you’re the more daring type who wants to try an exciting activity, like taking a dip in Lake Michigan.   You read that right, taking a dip in the lake. Don’t shudder.  There are some people who enjoy outdoor swimming all year long, yes, even in Door County.   The winter season this year has been moderate and relatively snow-less, so water temps haven’t been as low as some years.   But you ask, are there really people who swim in the lake in winter?   Yup!  One person who recently did that came here from Europe, not only to swim in Lake Michigan (unlike the people who merely run in and out of the water at the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim in Jacksonport), but primarily to visit with his friends, the  Collak family.  Roman Collak is the General Manager of Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay.  Noro Skorvarga, Roman’s friend from Slovakia,  had heard Roman describe our cold Door County, Wisconsin winters, and decided to come here for a visit.  As long as he was coming to see his friends, he decided that he would take swim in the lake, just as he does in a lake or river three times a week back home.  He initially stopped at Niagara Falls, New York for a swim, but he feared he would be arrested for such an attempt.  Now some people might question or doubt Noro’s motive for swimming in frigid, icy water.  He’s been doing it for  a year and claims that it has contributed to his good health and stamina.  So, on a sunny but cold morning in the middle of February, Noro went to Baileys Harbor for a morning swim in the lake, along with Roman, who stayed on shore to photograph his adventurous friend.  On another day, Noro  swam up near  “Death’s Door” .  Do you think you might want to try Noro’s winter regimen?  Here’s his advice:  Start by taking cold showers every morning, even in winter, to build up your tolerance to cold temperatures.  If you do that every day, Noro says, “You’ll come to love it. It will energize you for the rest of your day.  ” It is a good year round activity that you can perform even at a temperature of  -8 degrees  Fahrenheit. Some of you might question his motives.  It is very simple,  Noro explains: ou can pay the doctors and pharmacies or you can go for a swim. And I have decided to go for a swim.”  Does that sound like something you’d like to try?  Not so much?  Well, this idea may be more your speed.  Just settle into one of our beautiful suites at Birchwood Lodge and ponder the possibilities.  As you relax in your private, double whirlpool tub, imagine (pity) Noro as he yells through a hole in the ice,  ” Come on in! The water’s fine!”