“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Remember yelling that expression when you were a kid? You couldn’t wait for summer vacation and a trip to the local ice cream parlor, or, quell the anticipation of the jingling music of the ice cream truck as it came nearer to your street?  Fun times right? Who doesn’t like ice cream? Well, if you’re craving ice cream treats when you’re up here in Sister Bay, just take a walk from Birchwood Lodge downtown and you’ll have some great ice cream shops to choose from to satisfy your craving. Analog Ice Cream & Coffee has by far some of the best ice cream (and homemade pastries and coffee selections) in Wisconsin. The wide array of delectable ice cream flavors make it almost impossible to choose among the tempting treats, like Exhausted Parent Ice Cream that has a little shot of espresso in it. A little further down Bayshore Drive you’ll come to the Door County Creamery which serves Italian gelato to tempt you. If you’ve never tried gelato, you’ll find it a bit creamier than regular ice cream, and the flavors there are exquisite…lemon swirl, rich chocolate, deep raspberry….mmmmmm! Can’t forget Door County Ice Cream Factory and Sandwich Shoppe at the north end of Sister Bay in a historic (circa 1912) building. You can even watch the crew make the ice cream on site in a kitchen alongside the ice cream counter. Try to decide which flavor to pick from more than 20 ice cream selections. My favorite is called “Harley-Davidson”, an orange flavored malt combination with chocolate chips. The Ice Cream Factory conducts a contest every summer for people to submit ideas for a new flavor. The winning entry (by popular vote) is prepared and served in August. . Heck, you can justify all the calories you’ll consume if you decide to walk on your ice cream excursion(s) from lodge. Speaking of summer, the Sister Bay Historical Society has an old fashioned ice cream social in July at The Corner of the Past. Ice cream, cookies, cake, lemonade are the treats for the evening along with live music out on the lawn near the barn Come join us at Birchwood Lodge by calling 866-854-7195, or emailing uswww.birchwoodlodge.com  for reservations. Some people say that when you eat ice cream on a vacation trip, there are no calories!