If you’re a writer, photographer, musician or an artist, Door County is the place to come for inspiration. Even if you just appreciate creative works, you’ll find countless opportunities to immerse your senses in the cultural arts here. The water, forests, rolling farmlands, lighthouses, winding roads, gorgeous sunsets and magical skies, are natural subjects to inspire poetry, paintings, musical compositions, unusual photographs. Come to the art galleries, music venues, photography studios and writers’ workshop to get your own creative juices flowing. Just out the doors from Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay, all paths lead to the studios and workshops of artists in our village and surrounding areas. We’ll help you plan a day’s adventure to see them up close to further enhance your own appreciation. Perhaps you’ll come away inspired to pursue creative activiies of your own. Birchwood Lodge has beautiful suites, town-homes and a restored farmhouse available for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends. With an array of amenities and recreational facilities, you’ll have the quiet you seek or the recreation you need. Call us at 866-854-7195, or reserve your room on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com. Bring a sketch pad or a camera and get ready to be impressed by all that is Door County.