Door County is waking up after the l-o-o-o-n-n-n-g winter this year. Temperatures started to climb into the high 40’s the first week of April, teasing us with the prospect that warmer weather was finally arriving. Wrong! Mother Nature had a surprise in store for us when we experienced a blizzard with record setting snowfall, anywhere from  20-34 inches and winds of 35 mph in places around the county. It took a while to shovel out, but things are returning to normal. We are slowly seeing signs of spring emerging again. Birds have returned, chirping loudly in the morning to announce their presence, daffodils and crocuses have pushed up through the soil (and snow), the ice has gone out on the bay, and shopkeepers are preparing for spring opening. Door County is beautiful throughout the spring season. If you want to really experience the glory of spring up here, you must take a hike through any of the state parks and wooded areas to see the wildflowers that carpet the woods and fields. Numerous species of wildflowers will be in glorious bloom in late May through early July, making it an ideal time to go hiking and searching. Deciduous woods are a good place to start.  Peninsula Sate Park, The Ridges Sanctuary, Toft Point and The Clearing are some of the places you’re likely to find Big White Trillium. In late spring. This spectacular white flower is very showy in Door County’s forest areas.The flowers are often so large and grow so profusely that they resemble patches of snow in the woods. Yellow Lady’s Slipper blooms freely in woods and along roadsides during much of June. It is Door County’s official flower. Why not make plans now for your spring flower hike in Door County? Birchwood Lodge is just a short drive from many park locations. Give us a call at 866-854-7195, or reserve on-line at Get your camera ready, hiking gear in place and head up here for the splendor of springtime.