Back in the 1930’s and 40’s, promoters for tourism in Door County used this phrase in advertisements to attract visitors, “Come on up to ‘Air Conditioned’ Door County”. The idea was to suggest that summer days here were pleasantly warm but the nights were very cool. That same phrase holds true today, though we do have a few days of exceptionally hot weather with high humidity, but the nights still cool down nicely. Do you want to escape the uncomfortably hot weather that lasts for weeks where you live (generally most places south of Door County)? Then come stay with us at Birchwood Lodge In Sister Bay. Of course, all of our indoor public areas are on central air conditioning (except the indoor pool), and each guest suite/unit has controls for the individual room air conditioners. Many visitors tell us that it’s so nice that the evenings are still so cool and make for sleeping weather. Come stay with us at Birchwood Lodge by calling us toll-free at 866-854-7195. You can also make reservations online at You’ll soon be using that old time phrase yourself when you tell your friends and family that Door County is air-condioned!