Many travelers to Door County never venture very far off the main highways, thus missing out on some of the most scenic places in full view along the interior, or “back roads” of the county. We challenge you to be more daring when you’re here and take a road trip without any idea of where you’re going. Leave the paper maps in your room at Birchwood Lodge, turn off your cellphone map app, silence the GPS system in your car and drive. Drive any which way and you’ll discover picture postcard scenes of farms and fields. Though you’ll spot a number of abandoned houses and barns, too, they still provide artistic subject matter for artists and photographers looking to capture interesting subject matter of the now silver gray, abandoned structures. Another road will take you past seldom seen cherry and apple orchards. During the summer and fall, you’ll likely see an unattended table set up along a roadside somewhere with fresh picked fruit, vegetables, flowers, or homemade goodies. A crudely made sign stating prices and an “honesty jar” for cash payments will be set there for your payment. On another winding road you’re likely to see an area of glorious wildflowers, or spot a cluster of Sandhill cranes feeding in newly seeded fields. Take a side road over to Rowley’s Bay and watch the Hine’s emerald dragonflies buzz along the shore. Have you ever been to Three Springs or Three Creeks? They are two of the most interesting ecological areas, and yes, they’re off the main drag. Seek them out! When you leave your charming and comfortable suite at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay (1-866-854-7195, or www.birchwoodlodge for reservations), you can head in any direction for back road adventures. Getting lost is worth the fun.