If you have never witnessed the captivating drama of a sunset on the shore of Sister Bay, then next time you’re here at Birchwood Lodge, you must take the time during your evening activities to witness one of the beautiful sunsets anywhere along the bay shore. You’ll be awed and inspired as that sometimes orange, sometimes bright yellow ball descends to the water’s edge on the western horizon and dips below the surface of the water. While you may think that all sunsets are alike, there are nuances of color that change the natural drama every evening. Just stand there for awhile, or sit on one of the benches in the waterfront park, plop down in the sand on the expansive beach area and just look at the sky. Another great viewing spot is on Water’s End Road (turn LEFT just before The Door County Ice Cream Factory). Sometimes if there are clouds obstructing the view, there will still be magical colors that reflect back up to the underside of the clouds creating pink/orange/purple streaks as the sun descends. Door County tradition requires that the sunset audience should applaud the spectacle once the last little bit of sun sinks out of sight. For your chance to see a sunset spectacular, book your stay on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com, or, call us at 866-854-7195 for a reservation. The great thing about staying at Birchwod Lodge is that you’re just a short walk out our doors to any of the sunset locations on the shore. Get your cameras or smartphones for nature’s wonderful show…admission is free!