As we head into the late spring and anticipate the summer months, we thought it would be helpful to remind guests of the sunset times all along the western shore front of Door County. Watching a Sunset down at the waterfront park and along the marina is one of the best, free entertainment experiences here. No two sunsets are alike, but most are beautiful and some are down right spectacular. Check the schedule below for the range of sunset times and plan accordingly. Don’t forget that you can walk down the hill from Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay to claim your sunset viewing spot along the shore. For reservations, call us toll-free at 866-854-7195, or, reserve your room online at As with all shows, join the crowd in applauding one of nature’s special wonders.

Below is a handy, little guide for the sunset times on the first and last days of each month.

January – 4:17 – 4: 55 pm, February – 4:46 – 5:55 pm, March – 5:36 – 7:15 pm, April – 7:17 – 7:53 pm, May l – 7:55 – 8:28 pm, June – 8:29 – 8:40 pm,

July – 8:40 – 8:17 pm, August – 8:16 – 7:28 pm, September – 7:26 – 6:31 pm, October – 6:29 – 5:38 pm, November – 5:36 – 4:08 pm, December – 4:08 – 4:16 pm.

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