Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay is happy to announce that we are presenting a new, healthy breakfast treat during our morning continental breakfast time. It’s called S’Good Life Muffin, billed as a “Superfood for the everyday hero. It is an all organic, non GMO, gluten free super- food, packed with protein and rich in antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy alternative to everyday snack foods.” For $3.99, you can purchase a single serving muffin mix that you can make for yourself, back in your room. The ingredients are contained in a microwave safe cup. You just add 1/4 cup of water, mix the ingredients and and bake it in a microwave for 2 minutes. The S”Good Muffin is a perfect afternoon snack, or evening treat when you’re looking for a pick-me-up after a day of fun in Door County. We also have The Mighty Tin for sale which contains six servings of the muffin mix Try this tasty new treat the next time you’re a guest here at Birchwood Lodge. Contact us at 866-854-7195 for reservations.