When you go on a vacation, no matter how long you’re away from home, can you actually relax and disconnect. Maybe you’ve complained to your family, friends, coworkers and anyone who will listen that, “ I need a vacation”. When you’ve finally given in and put in a request at work for some time off…Yippee!. Now comes the hard part first, where to go? Well let me suggest Door County, especially Sister Bay, ’cause you’ll find everything to do here that will fulfill every aspect of a perfect vacation…the beach (Sister Bay Waterfront Park), shops, restaurants (24 actually), peaceful farm landscapes, forest paths to explore, nightlife activities, too! In a culture where we earn our vacation days yet don’t always take them, it can be difficult to let go, unplug and relax once we’re physically away from the demands of work. it’s so important to getaway and just… be! We can help you design the perfect vacation at Birchwood Lodge. Then YOU have to decide what you want to do. Don’t over schedule your trip. If your purpose is to relax, then just be in the moment and go with the flow. Do as much or as little as you want. You can just stay at the lodge and swim, sun, take a leisurely stroll into town and do whatever you want. Be in the moment. Do things you might not normally do at home, get a massage (The Spa at Sacred Grounds is just a mile away), take a nap, enjoy a sunset, take a relaxing boat ride around the bay (Sister Bay Scenic Tours). Nurture your relationships by using unstructured time to connect to family and friends you’re with, listen, show appreciation, be affectionate, and foster generosity of time with those who are with you. Be flexible. Sometimes things don’t always  goes according to plan. Be flexible and discover that no plan is sometimes the best way to go. Tune into your natural rhythm. Be on on your clock, not the workday clock. Turn off your phone and just separate from all the strings. Eat when you are hungry (CHOP, Wild Tomato,Fred & Fuzzy’s By the Water) and when you need to sleep, take a nap, wake up when your body feels ready to wake up. Re-set and your mind and body will thank you. So if you want to do it all, or, do nothing at all, the staff at Birchwood Lodge will help you have whatever type of vacation you desire. Make your reservation on-line at www.birchwoodloge.com, or, call us at 866-854-7195, and we’ll help you select the room you want for the vacation you need, no, make that,  deserve.