When guests check into most hotels anywhere, front desk personnel usually review the reservation form information with every guest, including the length of stay, the exact number of persons in the room and any other specific information required by the hotel. Any inaccuracies are corrected and any adjustments/changes required are resolved before guests are handed keys for their room. A few weeks ago, when one of our front desk clerks was checking in a guest, he orally reviewed the information, which listed the number of guests as two. Two persons was what the guest initially stated when he made the reservation, a weeks before. The guest replied, “Well, my son and two grandchildren are also going to be staying in the room this weekend.” The clerk said, “You stated at the time the reservation was made that there would only be two people in your room.” The guest replied, “Well, I didn’t think it was going to be a problem.” The clerk said pleasantly, but directly, “Sir, we need to know the exact number of people listed as guests in all of our rooms in case there is an emergency. We have to report the number of guests on our daily roster to emergency services personnel if ever there is a fire or weather related concern requiring evacuation of the building.” The guest then responded, “I stay in lots of regular hotels in different places and they don’t ask that. I guess it’s different up here.” Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay is a regular hotel; more specifically, it is a condo-hotel, guided by the decisions, practices and requirements determined by the Board of Directors who are elected by the association members. What makes Birchwood Lodge stand out from other hotels anywhere is the level of service we offer to guests. Our manager and every staff member at the front desk, or on the maintenance and housekeeping crew is expected to go above and beyond in service to guests. We can cite a number of instances when our staff members have performed extra service to guests by: changing flat tires on a car, arranging for auto towing, reserving theater and concert tickets, contacting physicians after hours to take care of a guests’ medical needs, making dinner reservations, and the list could go on and on. Birchwood Lodge isn’t just “a regular hotel”. We’re exceptional in many ways, and it shows in our cleanliness, service, friendliness of staff, building maintenance, ideal location, outstanding amenities, and the overall quality of our accommodations. See for yourself by making your reservation at 866-854-7195, or, on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com. Whether it’s in the height of the busy season, or in the slow, off season months, we’re here to make your stay comfortable, safe and enjoyable. See you soon!