If there is one thing we can confidently say about people everywhere, it’s that they love a celebration..simply stated, people like to party! There are all kinds of festivals and celebrations throughout the year in Door County for visitors to revel in the fun events planned. Besides our national celebration for Independence Day on July 4th, Sister Bay is a party paradise, especially in summer and fall. We host Marina Fest the first weekend in September, soon followed by the grand-daddy of all fests, Fall Fest during the second weekend in October. I’ll bet you didn’t know about the hundreds of other national celebration days that give us all some reasons to celebrate, especially in Door County Here are just a few of the fun National Calendar Days to celebrate up here. The staff at Birchwood Lodge will be happy to help you find the best places to make your own celebrations on these special days:  July 4th– National Caesar Salad Day, (Enjoy one at CHOP Restaurant), July 7th–National Strawberry Sundae Day (Go for it at Door County Ice Cream Factory), July 9th–National Sugar Cookie Day (They’re so yummy  at Door County Bakery), July 13th–National French Fry Day (Try some at Fred & Fuzzy’s on the water), August 7th – 13th–National Farmers Market Week–Wednesdays in Sister Bay–3:00 PM-5:00PM at the Country Walk Shops parking lot), August 7th–National Lighthouse Day (We have seven lighthouses in the county, more than any one place in the country), August 20th–National Chocolate Day (Try any of the array of chocolates and fudge at Door County Confectionary in Sister Bay), and August 27th–National Because Day--you make up your own way to celebrate that day and we’ll host you, your friends and family in our spacious, spotless suites, Village Homes or the Farmhouse. Cal us at 866-854-7195 for reservations, or, go to our website, www.birchwoodlodge.com to reserve on-line.