What do we do during the quiet months in the off season at Birchhwood Lodge in Sister Bay? If you pose that question to anyone who works in the hotel/hospitality industry, the simple answer is,  anything and everything to get ready for the busy tourist seasons of spring, summer and fall. Our housekeeping staff has been doing deep cleaning of every unit. That means that they will do the following tasks (which are just a fraction of all the work they must accomplish) in each room: They use a dust wand with long handle to reach all the high areas of the guestroom, including smoke detectors and sprinklers, clean mattress and box spring platforms and rails, vacuum the carpet under the bed. inspect the frame or platform for sturdiness, remove the headboard and inspect both sides for contamination, rotate and replace the box spring and mattress. freshen the drapery valances spot clean upholstery clean blinds, dressers, bathroom cabinets, coffee tables and side tables, and just generally are spit polish everything. Then they have the task of putting everything back together in readiness for spring arrivals. Our maintenance man has been inspecting all service systems, pool operations, heating and air conditioning systems. He is repairing any guestroom items such as wall coverings, painted surfaces, scratched or stained wooden furniture, etc. When the weather warms up, he will clean up winter debris and begin preparations for lawn care and landscape maintenance. . Our general manager is hiring our foreign student workers and training staff on new aspects of our reservation system programs, purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment, and performing cleaning tasks when staff is shorthanded. Front desk personnel keeps in close communication with the housekeeping staff on the status of guest rooms. They are promoting packages and specials on-line, and doing a little spring cleaning by straightening out file cabinets, cleaning drawers and keeping the lobby area and front desk neat and tidy. As you can understand, any “down time” there is at hotel is consumed by our entire staff to present Birchwood Lodge in its finest form. Of course we’re still open and ready for you at any time of the year. We promise not to disturb you with any of our tasks if you’re sleeping in, or taking an afternoon nap. Call us for reservations at 866-854-7195, or reserve your favorite room on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com