It’s likely that most people are on a budget these days, looking for sales on food, bargain prices on merchandise and deals for low rates at hotels. Between now and April 30th, you and your friends, family and relatives can take advantage of our low rates at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay, Door County. Whether it’s for a milestone birthday, an anniversary celebration, a wedding or baby shower, or a needed break to get away from the daily stresses of life, Birchwood Lodge has it all. From the moment you come through our doors you’ll be charmed by the welcoming atmosphere of our lobby/lounge area, with a fieldstone gas fireplace, soaring ceiling and warm, friendly greetings from our front desk staff. As you settle into your suite, the ambiance draws you in for cozy comfort and relaxation. If you seek some recreation, you’ll enjoy our pool area with a sauna and whirlpool spa, the games room with ping-pong and video games. We also have gathering spaces for a luncheon or party, or a cozy family room for conversation and social time. Besides the already low, budget friendly rates, be sure to ask the front desk attendant if you qualify for other discount rates. Call us at 86-854-7195, or reserve on-line at We near anything and everything you may need or want in terms of shopping, dining and fun times in our quaint downtown. Remember, come May 1st, rates start to rise for the spring and summer season, so come have fun on a budget with all that Birchwood Lodge and Door County has to offer. See you soon!