For those of you who come up to Door County frequently, you’ve seen many changes through the years in Sister Bay, the waterfront/marina/park redevelopment along with new restaurants and buildings that have been constructed. There’ll be even more changes to discover on your return to Sister Bay this year. More new, shiny places will add some excitement for shopping, eating at new restaurants and coffee shops, and browsing through the newly remodeled Piggly-Wiggly or, as it is more commonly referred to as “The Pig”. But did you ever take the time to explore the downtown area at the main hub of Bayshore Drive (hwy 42) and Maple Ave? That is the intersection where some noteworthy history took p;lace in 1912. You know that Husby’s Sports Bar & Grill, On Deck Clothing store, Ace Hardware and The Sister Bay Bowl anchor the four corners at that junction. That is the site of a devastating fire that destroyed the buildings that stood there at the time. Walk west from Husby’s  on Maple and you’ll come to the Roots Inn and Kitchen that was once the home of Jishke’s Meat Market in the early days. Proceed further west and you’ll pass the Sister Bay Yacht Club, on the site of what was once Berns Brothers Lumber Yard and Mill, when Sister Bay was once a part of a thriving lumber industry in the county. I mention these things because as wonderful and as nice that all the changes bring to Sister Bay, it’s important to appreciate and recognize the notable history of our special village. Take a walking tour down one block from Birchwood Lodge and try to imagine navigating the Sister Bay hill by horse and wagon on mud roads in the late 100’s and early 1900’s. Though some people complain about the hill by car in summer traffic, imagine trying to go in either direction on muddy, rain soaked roads in 1912. You might want to learn more about the early history of Sister Bay by visiting the Sister Bay Historical Society Corner of the Past on Highway 57 and Fieldcrest Road. You’ll enjoy reading about the fire and other history our village, AND there is a wonderful photo display about the barn and the farm where Birchwood Lodge is today. Come back for the fun you’ll have up here, but gain some appreciation for how Sister Bay has evolved for the pleasure of tourists now and then. Make your reservations at Birchwod Lodge at 866-854-7195, or online at