Once again, beginning in May, 2012, Certified Yoga Instructor, Marcia Hoebreckx will be conducting Yoga sessions at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay.  Our lodge guests, visitors and community members are invited to participate in these five sessions per week.  Sign-up is required and can be done at the first session.  Fees are $!0 per session, or $40 for five sessions.  All yoga sessions are free for Birchwood Lodge guests.

Sessions begin:           Tuesday, May 22–Yoga Basics, 7:30 to 8:45 AM. 

                                     Tuesday, May 22–Beginners Series, 9:15 to 10:15 AM .

Wednesday, May 23–Yoga Basics8:00 to 9:15 AM

Thursday, May 24-Yoga Basics, 7:30 to 8:45 AM

Thursday, May 24-Yoga for Stiff Guys, (focus on hips, hamstrings

and shoulders)  9:15 to 10:15 AM

Friday, May 25–Yoga Basics, 8:00 -9:15 AM

Beginning Drop-in Class, 9:30 to 10:30 AM

(This session really starts with beginning moves/poses)

Intermediate Yoga, 5:00 to 6:15 PM

Saturday, May 26, Yoga Basics, 7:30 to 8:45 AM

If you’re just a beginner, or a yoga enthusiast, come and join in these sessions…you’ll be in a kind place!

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