There a many adjectives that perfectly describe Door County and all that it has to offer.  Perhaps none is more fitting than being labelled “Cherry Capital of  Wisconsin”.  Now is a good time to head to the Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay to enjoy the culture, nature and other attractions that Door County offers.   A trip to one of the many farm markets and fruit stands is a must on your “to do list”, especially at this time.  Seaquist Orchards Farm Market,  which is just a short drive from Birchwood Lodge, has Morello early tart cherries for sale now and sweet cherries will be completely harvested in the next few weeks.  Sample the tart or sweet cherries and you’ll want to take some home.  While you’re at Seaquist’s Market, ask where you could see cherry trees being picked.  You might observe pickers doing the harvesting by hand, or the automated “tree shakers” could be wrapped around the trees.  Seaquist Orchards are located all around the county and you’re bound to find a scenic country road to find one on a short side trip.  Though Wisconsin is known as The Dairy State, it could also be called The Cherry State,  in Door County in July .