Generally, when the Halloween celebrations are over, people begin to plan seriously for the end of year holidays that fill the calendar. Holiday gift shopping becomes the focus of the “To Do List”. We’ve got some suggestions that will make your gift buying easier and take the stress out of fighting traffic and the crowds at crowded malls or neighborhood stores. We all have adult relatives and friends, significant others, spouses, etc, who, when asked what they want for Christmas, typically respond, “Oh I don’t really need anything. I have everything I want.”  Then you’re left with the predicament of what to buy that they would really like. Fret no more, We’ve got the perfect suggestion. Present them with a Birchood Lodge gift card. No matter how much you want to spend on someone, you can order a gift card from us in any amount that can be used here toward the room rate, or, for merchandise in our showcases. We’ll work with you via phone or email to purchase the gift card(s), using your credit card for payment. We’ll mail the card to you to present to someone in person, or we’ll mail the card directly to the recipient. There. Problem solved, gift(s) taken care of and you can enjoy the pre-holiday time knowing that some of your holiday shopping is settled. Give us a call toll-free at 866-854-7195 and say you want to order a gift card, and one of our  front desk, Santa’s Helpers” will be glad to assist you. Happy holidays!