For those of us who work in the hospitality industry, it’s a little surprising sometimes when we get asked some questions by visitors, but we certainly try to provide helpful and accurate information that will make guests’ visits to Door County and their time with us at Birchwood Lodge more enjoyable. Here are some of the common, quirky, and downright puzzling questions members of our staff have been asked.  We’re not judging, just reflecting.

Common Questions: “What’s there to do up here in spring?, summer?, fall?, winter?”,  “I can’t get a signal on my phone? What should I do?”  (asked by a frustrated middle schooler) “Where is a Mc Donald’s?, Burger King?,  Pizza Hut?”,”How many rooms do you have?”, “When is the best time to come up here?”

Quirky Questions: “How far is it to the big town I passed 45 minutes ago?”, Where is that crooked road?”, “Where can I get something to eat after 10:00 PM?”, “What’s there to do when it rains?”, “Where is the entrance to the cave up here?”

Puzzling Questions: “Can I get a room with an ocean view?” (asked via phone in 2014), “How come the trees are so tall and skinny?”, “Why did you build your pool on the second floor?”, “Is that lake man-made?” “What day do the cherry blossoms bloom?”

We LOVE to hear your questions, especially when you ask if you can make a reservation. No matter what questions you have, give us a call at our toll-free number, 866-854-7195, or, book on-line at Ask you question(s) and we’ll give you our best answers. remember, we are open 365 days a year (366 days in leap year).

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