If you’re planning a trip toDoor County with a stay at the Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay, you might want to enhance your stay by adding a special or package with some extra treats and amenities that will make your visit more enriching.  We have Romantic Getaways (perfect for honeymoon, anniversary, or a special celebration), a Wine and Dine Package, Picnic Packages and a special dinner package to one of Sister Bay’s newest and most acclaimed restaurants,  Pasta Vino.  Some specials and packages have reduced room rates and may include champagne, a gift certificate toward dinner at Alexander’s Restaurant, chocolate fondue, truffles, fragrant bath salts for your in-room, two person whirlpool, a horse drawn carriage ride, fresh flowers, pizza, picnic treats, and the list goes on.  Specials and packages run throughout the year and there are some  that are “budget friendly” specials that have seasonal dates and restrictions.  Why not treat yourself and a significant other with a package of goodies that will delight your tastes and senses.  For specific details about all of our packages, check our website and scroll down under the tab marked  “Specials”.  If you’re undecided and need more info, please call our toll free number, 1-866-854-7195 and our friendly Front Desk Staff will be glad to offer more assistance.  Come for the beauty and we’ll pamper you while you visit.