Everyone knows that the busiest time of the year in Door County are the summer months. Hotels, restaurants, shops, parks, galleries, grocery stores, bars, and entertainment and recreational venues all scramble to find sufficient staff they need to perform the many and varied jobs required to make their businesses run smoothly for visitors and guests. Throughout the years, Birchwood Lodge has depended upon the International Student Visa Program in coordination with international placement agencies to find foreign students who want to come the the U.S.A. and work at our hotel for the summer and fall seasons. In the past we have had students from Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Bermuda, China, Turkey, as part of our housekeeping and front desk staff. This year we have seven young women from Montenegro who are busy performing all the necessary housekeeping jobs around the lodge. They are Marina, Asmira, Blanka, Sofia, Dragana, Marija,and Emilijia. We also have Daniel from Moldova and Alice from Romania. Some of our year round staff members also represent some countries near and far, though most are now U.S. citizens . We have Francis, Melissa (summer only) and Sandra who are from Nicaragua. Most of our repeat guests know that Mae, and her sons Raymond and Raymart are from the Phillipines, but we also have Mae’s mother, Rina working with us now. Of course everyone loves our hard working, affable general manager, Roman (U.S. citizen), who is from Slovakia. You might say we have a little “United Nations” workforce here. We love working with them and coudn’t get along without them. Next time you’re up here, be sure to introduce yourselves to our summer crew. They enjoy meeting new people and would be happy to tell you about life in their countries. Birchwood Lodge reservations can be made online at www.birchwoodlodge.com, or, at 866-854-7195.