Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay (, or 866-854-7195) provides warm welcomes to guests who want to experience the joy of winter in our beautiful setting. who are looking for Snowshoeing in Door County is a great way to explore our terrain while enjoying the wonderful winter open areas and enchanting forest views with every step of your feet. Snowshoeing is a relaxing activity that can be done alone or with friends. There are even some candlelight tours sponsored at The Clearing, The Ridges Sanctuary, and at the state parks. We have snowshoes available for guests… free to use. Check on availability at the front desk. Enjoy dashing through the snow-covered countryside and forests while being pulled by Belgian draft horse. This wintertime activity is a wonderful way to explore the surrounding landscapes and a great way to view the winter landscape of Door County. We can arrange a sleigh ride for you Don’t worry about being cold, these sleigh rides provide warm blankets to ensure you are comfortable throughout your ride!  We’re ready to get you going on an exciting winter adventure. Don’t let weather forecasts dismay you or delay your plans. The roads will be open and cleared thanks to efficient snow cleaning by our hardy highway crews.