Did you know that October is chock full is special, nationally recognized theme days?  You know of course that Columbus Day and Halloween are the two “biggies” this month, but here are other noteworthy days to celebrate this month, and the right place to do that is up here in Door County at Birchwood Lodge.  October 19th is Evaluate Your Life Day and what better place to do that than to reflect and settle your emotions on a bench down near the docks in Sister Bay. Breathe in the cool, crisp air, clear your mind and get rid of all negative thoughts. How about a trip here to pamper your special someone with a relaxing spa day, or a carriage ride to enjoy the fall scenery and settle later in one of our lovely suites for Sweetest Day, October 20thFood Day on October 24th must have been created to honor all the fantastic restaurants, coffee shops and bars we have here in Sister Bay. There is such a diversity of flavorful foods to discover in new places and old favorite places, too! Do you ever feel like screaming, make that howling,  to release some of your stresses of work, home responsibilities, and pent up emotions? Then October 26th is your day to Howl at the Moon Day, or night. Take a drive at dusk on Waters End Road or a hike in any of the parks and just let it out, “Hoooo-oooo-ooowwww!”  Just a couple of days before Halloween is National Chocolate Day on October 29th. As you may know, a bit of chocolate (dark chocolate especially) every day has been recommended by doctors because it is nutritious, a source of antioxidants, may Improve blood pressure,and may reduce heart disease risk.  But then you really didn’t need any excuse to have some chocolate every day. We’ve got chocolate shops spread across the county where you can indulge your chocolate habit. So, we’re happy to host you an your family/friends for all the fun times to be had on these special days. Give us a call at 866-854-7195, or reserve your room online at www.birchwoodlodge.com, for your own little party central here in Sister Bay.   P. S….When you’re chocolate shopping, just a hint, I love chocolate peanut butter cups..