By the time March rolls around in Door County, those of us who live here (and stay here year round) can get a little tired of the snow and cold weather. Thus far, Sister Bay has had over 75 inches of snow, or, to put it in more starling terms, that is 6′ 3″ inches of snow, equivalent to the height of famed basketball player, Jerry West (NBA All-Star–Los Angeles Lakers and NBA Hall of Fame). By mid-March, “Rounders” (the Door County term for people who don’t go away for winter) have a serious case of cabin fever and are ready for spring. But there are still some fun and exciting activities to pursue here that help pass the time, and make for fantastic memories. Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay is close to all of the action and a great place to spend your vacation escape. What’s there to do you ask if you plan to come up here for a break? Here are a few suggestions that are exciting and different in March. Explore the ice shoves along the shore, particularly in Peninsula State Park. Near winter’s end, the ice covering Green Bay gets pushed ashore in some spectacular ice mountains, attracting amateur and professional photographers alike seeking to capture the perfect shots of the luminous, turquoise, giant shards of ice. If you’ve never been to Sturgeon Bay when the winter fleet of huge cargo ships come in for winter repairs, then add this to your “Must Do List”. Each winter, many ships dock Sturgeon Bay for the winter season. During that time the ships are repaired and given a cleaning at the shipyards before they return to work on the Great Lakes in in spring. Check out to find out when you can see these massive ships. You might have been among the thousands of tourists love to crowd thew shoreline in summer to view the sunsets. But winter sunsets are my favorite because the colors spectacular are more vivid as the sun’s rays reflect off the white snow and ice. With less pollution and fewer dust particles in the air, winter colors are brighter and more intense. If you’re brave and careful, try walking out on the ice (check with locals about ice thickness—needs to be 12″ thick for walking)) and then turn back to take photos of the Sister Bay shoreline. One of the many pleasantries of the winter season is the increased speed limit in Ephraim. You can breeze through the village at 35 mile per hour until May [email protected]!  Come experience these end of winter highlights during your stay at Birchwood Lodge. Call us at 866-854-7195, or, go online ayt for reservations.