One of the highlights of a trip to Door County any time of the year is the delightful privilege to watch a sunset. Of course summertime sunsets are a bit more spectacular as the descending sun’s ray reflect a myriad of colors on the shiny surface of the bay. Spring and autumn sunsets are unique, but winter sunsets (granted, you might have to drive down to Fish Creek or Egg Harbor for a better view) are very special. The snow and ice on the frozen bay reflect the  muted, warm pink and orange/yellow glow after 4:00 o’clock in January and February. Providing that the sky is cloud-free and it isn’t snowing, you’ll  enjoy the view. Below is a handy, little guide for the sunset times (weather permitting) on the first and last days of each month.

January – 4:17 – 4: 55 pm, February – 4:46 – 5:55 pm, March – 5:36 – 7:15 pm, April – 7:17 – 7:53 pm, May l – 7:55 – 8:28 pm, June – 8:29 – 8:40 pm,

July – 8:40 – 8:17 pm, August – 8:16 – 7:28 pm, September – 7:26 – 6:31 pm, October – 6:29 – 5:38 pm, November – 5:36 – 4:08 pm, December – 4:08 – 4:16 pm.

When you’re up here during any of these months, you ca head to the shore for one of the best free tourist experiences up here. And when you stay at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay, you can walk down to the shore from our location and settle in for the view. Make a reservation to stay with us in any of our charming suites, Village Homes or the Farmhouse. You can reach us toll-free at 866-854-7195, or reserve online at Bring your shades, dress appropriately for the season, get your cellphone or camera ready for some great shots and enjoy the experience!

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