Are you an art lover?  What’s your preference… fine art?…sculpture?…folk art?…modern art?…photography?  If you answered yes to any of these choices, then Sister Bay is an “ART…rageously” ideal destination for you, and Birchwood Lodge is the perfect starting place point to find fantastic studios/galleries nearby.  Internationally acclaimed artist, Pipka, is most well known for her Santa sculptures and folk creations. Her shop is a pleasant walk, just two blocks from Birchwood. Recently, Pipka has created collage paintings that feature bright floral collages. You’ll also find many other wonderful creations there from other local artists.  Just next door to Pipka’s is the Mill Road Gallery featuring oil paintings by husband and wife artists Tom Seagard and Bridget Kozma. Tom is doing some unique paintings of birds on crushed brown paper. Check out his street scenes of the early days in Sister Bay. Bridget does oil paintings of landscapes and water. They are so detailed that they appear to be photographs. Head south from Birchwood along Bayshore Drive and you’ll come to Frykman Gallery, full of the folk art Santas, snowmen, farmers and animals by prize winning woodcarver, David Frykman. You’l have a hard time deciding which figure or Christmas ornament to purchase. While there, you’l be entranced by the stunning photographs that his son and daughter-in-law, Luke and Heather Frykman have printed for purchase. They have won many awards in the national and international photography contests. One of the most known artists in Door County is James Ingwersen Gallery, who has done commissions for national and international businesses, as well as portraits of U. S. political figures and judges. His charming, rural gallery is a short drive on a back country road. Ladies will love Turtle Ridge Gallery & Boutique on Mink River Road. Designer Mary Ellen Sisulak has created some of the most beautiful, hand crafted leather handbags, wallets, coin purses, and other accessories that are prized by women all across the country. When you walk through the door of her gallery/studio, you’ll be instantly enveloped in the pleasant scent of leather. Anything you purchase there will last a lifetime. Be sure to browse the jewelry cases to see the necklaces, earrings and bracelets created by many artists she showcases. Plan your art adventure with us at 866-854-7195, or, go online to