We often get questions/calls about the weather in Door County from potential guests inquiring about a future stay with us, and, from guests already checked into the hotel wanting to know what the weather will be. Since we’re living in this fast paced information technology age, we all have weather reports at our fingertips with up to the minute radar projections. Nevertheless, the “weather report” we always provide from the front desk has a caveat attached. That being that The Door Peninsula is surrounded by water and though it provides a comfortable climate, there are unusual weather occurrences that develop at any given time.The climate in Sister Bay is special. With the bay of Green Bay to the west and Lake Michigan to the east, it’s never too hot in the summer time, nor overly cold in the winter, BUT those bodies of water greatly affect the wether from hour to hour and location to location here. With that said, we have have had strong gusty winds at times, rainy spells that may last a few days, dry spells (summer of 2018), a cold snap with below zero wind chills, and snowfalls that may accumulate (30 inches of snow fell April 13-15, 2018). I have driven through a whiteout coming north through Egg Harbor, only to encounter bright sunshine in Sister Bay. My point with all of this is literally, “the Door” is always open in all kinds of weather. Never let the weather detain you from your planned trip up to Door County. Sure, there may be times when the going gets slower and you may need to pull off the road for awhile.Be assured that you can safely get up here even in the midst of some challenging road conditions. When you do get here,you’ll find there are many activities/events, restaurants, shops and recreational opportunities for your pleasure and enjoyment all year through. For those hot days, Birchwood Lodge has cool comfort throuhout the premises. For Snowy days, the cozy atmosphere in the lobby or in your suite are welcoming warm and dry spots. The point of all this is that you’ll have an enjoyable, restful, perhaps exciting time too, weather-wise in Door County. We at Birchwood Lodge will do all we can to make you safe, comfortable and relaxed. Call soon for off-season specials and rates, or book your reservation on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com.