Spring is the time when the wildlife in Door County becomes more active with the birth of new offspring.  Recently, a newborn fawn made an appearance at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay, and to the surprise of some guests,  the fawn decided to camp out for a day near our outdoor pool and on  the deck of a guest suite.  Mother deer was not to be seen but apparently stayed somewhere nearby to keep her eye out for her baby.  “Bambi” as the staff affectionately called it, snoozed throughout the day until nearly dusk waiting for its mom to come.  The baby deer eventually moved to our nearby woods for a reunion with its mom.  If you ever see a baby deer alone, be assured that the mother is nearby and will retrieve her baby.  The baby instinctively will lay down to rest and wait for the mother to come for it.  NEVER TOUCH A BABY DEER.  Human scent on the skin of a deer will force the mother to abandon it.