If you’ve ever been asked the question,”Why do you like Door county?” Perhaps your reply would be the same as those of most people who come up here, “The nicest people, the nicest scenery, the nicest beaches, the calmest bay, the great food, the great shopping, it’s a great getaway,.”, or, “It’s so different from home, so it makes it feel like you went really far away.”  If these comments reflect your feelings, you are among thousands of people who choose to come here annually to soak in the unusual and diverse natural beauty of this little piece of paradise. I know that the billboards along the highways here beckon you with endless messages about places to shop, eat,and play on the peninsula, but it’s the scenery…the open sky, the magical sunsets, the crashing waves, the cedars and birches, rolling farm fields, road side farm stands, and the winding back roads that lead you to the most wonderful destinations. There are all kinds of commercial attractions that will tempt you on your getaway, but try to take some extended time to just experience the peacefulness here. Fully breathe the air, marvel at the hypnotic rhythm of the waves along the shore, stand at a lookout spot on one of the limestone bluffs and be amazed by the incredible Niagara Escarpment, set out some evening away from the towns and be astounded by the millions of stars in the dark sky here. That’s Door County! For your chance to experience the simplicity, the quiet beauty, and the wonders of Door County, stay at Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay and we’ll point you in the direction to find your bliss. Our toll-free number is 866-854-7195, and online at www.birchwoodlodge.com