After meeting hundreds of tourists throughout my years here in Door County, I am always surprised, yet happy to become acquainted with people who are visiting here for the first time. Door County is not one of those places one visits by accident with the wrong turn off a highway. People come here intentionally. Usually I ask our guests at Birchwood Lodge if they have visited Door County previously. Most people reply, “Yes”, but my juices start running when someone says, “No. This is our first time here.” Then I expound on the beauty, the wonders, the unlimited opportunities to explore our “little piece of heaven”. Sometimes I am asked by guests on the phone just how they should pack for a trip here. My first instinct is to to tell them to bring comfortable shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are key for getting around up here. Not only is walking a good way to explore Sister Bay and the other towns and villages, but exploring by foot is half the fun! The state parks are made for walking, too! Makes sure your shoes are broken-in. Ladies, your new flat sandals may seem like a stylish fashion choice in the morning, but could feel like you’re walking on wooden planks by lunchtime. There really is no need to bring fancy dress clothes. Unless suits and dresses are indicated for an event you may be attending, keep it relaxed, laid back and comfortable. That’s Door County style. My advice is to pack clothing layers; the weather can be changeable day to day, so it’s best to be prepared. This one may be surprising, but it’s just easier to leave your toiletries at home. We provide toiletries for you. Unless you have a particular brand and product you can’t live without, just check the bathroom in your suite for all the supplies you may need. We keep a supply of items that are sometimes forgotten, toothpaste, shaving cream, shower caps, etc. Finally, I recommend that guests leave some space in their suitcases. Remember tha tDoor County has some unique boutiques, wineries, clothing stores and gift shops. It’s almost impossible to leave Here empty handed. Pack smart and ensure you can take back some souvenirs and memories from our “little piece of heaven”. If you’re a first timer to Door County when you check in at Birchwood Lodge (reservations: 866-854-7195, or,, let us know that and help you enjoy what could possible be the best time you’ll have anywhere. See you soon!