If you’ve ever been to Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay during the Christmas holidays, you’ll recall that a huge, fresh, evergreen tree stands in the lobby next to the fireplace. In past holiday seasons we have always purchased a tree that fits the size and scale of the lobby. This year another beautiful tree stands in that spot, due to the generosity of Rob Hults, Executive Director of the Open Door Bird Sanctuary. The Open Door Bird Sanctuary is a nature center devoted to wild bird rehabilitation and education in the heart of Door County. Combining rehabilitation, education and falconry training techniques, it will be the only facility of its kind in Door County and within 150 miles.  Located on a 38 acre parcel of land in Jacksonport, a shelter home will be built on 4.5 acres of that parcel and 33.5 acres are to be dedicated to the Sanctuary. Some of that land needed to cleared in preparation for the shelter. At the start of December, Mr. Hults put out the word through local newspapers that the Sanctuary was giving away trees free of charge this year to anyone who wanted one for the Christmas holidays. Our custodian, Clark Erickson contacted Mr. Hults and headed out to the Sanctuary to meet with him and to select a tree for the lodge. Clark chose a 12 foot spruce tree (see the attached photo), and it now stands beautifully decorated in our lobby area. We’re grateful to Mr. Hults and The Open Door Bird Sanctuary for providing this tree. We encourage Birchwood Lodge guests to visit The Open Door Bird Sanctuary as it begins operation soon.