You probably realize that August is the only month in the year that doesn’t have a holiday, or a reason for a celebration. So, I did some research and here are some special “National Days” that form a list for you to pick one you like best for August and make that the reason to come up to Door County to celebrate it. August 5th is National Watermelon Day, while August 7th is Lighthouse Day, a really good “holiday” for Door County. There’s National Lazy Day on August 10th, Fajita Day on The 18th and Second-hand Wardrobe Day on the 25th. Did you pick one that seems special to you? Do what you can to promote that for an August holiday, but even if it doesn’t catch on, let it be your reason to come stay at Birchwood Lodge for your own festivities. Our cool, comfortable suites, Village Homes and The Farmhouse can handle small, more intimate celebrations or large party groups. Give us a call at 866-854-7195, or go online to for reservations. Party on!