2018 was an outstanding year for Birchwood Lodge! To give you some insight into how the year went, let me share some interesting facts and numbers. We have a staff of 16 part-time and full time employees, which is comprised of the general manager, bookkeeper, front desk personnel, housekeeping staff, and maintenance supervisor. We  supplement our staff in summer and fall with 8 foreign students workers that we hire each summer to assist us with our tasks from June through mid-October. Birchwood Lodge has 53 rental units comprised of 44 suites in the main building, 8 Village Homes which can be rented (back of the property), and the century old, restored Farmhouse. From January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, we hosted 18, 314 guests who rented our units for a total of 7,323 nights. Guests came from all over the country and a few from Europe. They came in winter when we had a season total of 59 inches of snow, (including the 30 inches that fell April 14th & 15th). Throughout the year there were 31.9 inches of rain, but the good news is that there were 187 days of pure Door County sunshine. Among the reservations, we hosted room/charter groups for 16 weddings, 7 family and friends reunions, 1 church retreat,  4  business conferences, 1 bicycle touring group, and the entire production staff of models, hair and make-up artists, seamstresses, lighting technicians, photographers, directors/producers, and the rest of the crew for Lands End Clothing Company’s fall 2018 catalog shoot in Door County. For our guests’ enjoyment, we serve a continental breakfast with a variety of packaged baked goods, yogurt, applesauce, instant oatmeal packets, apples, coffee and tea, with creamers and condiments, and hot chocolate. Guests consumed 3, 936 assorted muffins, 2,520 bagels, spread with 2,100 single serve cream cheese units, and 2,319 pats of butter, 1,000 individual packets of assorted jellies and jams. and 600 packs of peanut butter used on bagels. Besides the bagels and muffins, 1,968 assorted Danishes and 1,008 cinnamon pastries, 2,544 individual serving containers of assorted fruit yogurt, and 714 single serve applesauce cups were enjoyed by our early risers. For our coffee service, we used 1,440 packets (12 cups per pkg.) of regular coffee, 588 packets of decaf coffee, 295  packets of assorted tea flavors, supplemented  with 9,000 individual creamers, 3, 000 sugar/sugar free packets, and 200 packages of honey. We also provided 1,152 packages of assorted instant oatmeal. To be blunt, but realistic, we supplied guests with 46 cases of toilet paper totaling 4, 416 rolls. We want 2019 to be an even better year for us and you! Come stay with us and be a part of the growing numbers of visitors who make Birchwood Lodge a top resort/hotel in Door County. Call us toll-free at 866-854-7195 for reservations, or reserve on-line at www.birchwoodlodge.com.